Tom Eulenberg won the Up All-Night Award at the London Club and Bar Awards 2018. Awards, which have been run each year since 1994. The London Club and Bar Awards 2018 brought a lot of new faces up in front of the audience. Well, that audience helped put those new faces there, they voted for them. London nightlife is expanding every day and turning into the best nightlife in the whole world. There were many great achievements by the people putting their talented efforts in London nightlife scene. One of these achievements was the Up All-Night Award by the famous Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir and owner of Drama Park Lane. The Up All-Night Award is given to the person who manages to create a mystifying event with such a magnificent environment that the guests there are up on their toes all night. Absolutely in love with the venue, people just love to be part of the party organized by Eulenberg.


The ringmaster Tom Eulenberg is also a proud winner of “Best Night” and “Best Boutique Club” award at Cirque le Soir. Cirque le Soir got the “Best Boutique Club” award because of its delightful and dazzling ambiance. The “Best Night” award was a great achievement because with that Cirque le Soir left all of the competitors behind officially that night.

up all night award

Drama got the Best Sunday Club Award at London Club and Bar Awards 2018. The drama was launched in 2015 by Nick House, Tom Eulenberg and Ryan Bish, and in just a few years Drama got to heights of London nightlife scene. Tom Eulenberg who’s the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir, produces such events at Drama that the guests just fall in love and they go out not thinking that they wasted their money there but actually they are amazed and just love what Drama offers. It’s just a matter of time and it’s going to be New Year’s Eve, Drama has prepared a wonderful party for you at 31st December. Do visit with your loved one, make your New Year’s Eve special with Drama. You will find Drama worth celebrating your special events!