Tom is one of London’s leading nightlife entrepreneurs, renowned for concepts that are revolutionizing the hospitality and entertainment industry worldwide. He spent nearly over two decades in the industry, Tom’s areas of expertise revolve around: Nightclub development, hotel hospitality, franchise development, movie production, strategic marketing, public relations, and innovative start-ups. The “Little Black Book” of Ton Eulenberg includes many celebrities, actors, influencers & royalty, many of whom have become close personal friends. Eulenberg’s projects have won awards and been critically acclaimed in the hospitality and entertainment industry. He himself has also won several International Awards and has been recognized as an expert in his field. Currently working on several different projects, including a new super exclusive nightclub in Dubai, London as well as World Tours around the globe, Tom Eulenberg is really planning to revolutionize the nightlife of London city.


The known ringmaster regularly co-hosts the most prestigious, international events in various international locations such as London, Munich, Dubai, Maldives, as well as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival. Known as a generous host, Tom Eulenberg’s expertise and knowledge of the hotel industry is unsurpassed, having worked within several of the most iconic international hotels, and is known to work as a key consultant for numerous 5-star hotels and restaurants.

Also, due to Tom’s globally esteemed contacts in the artist and talent industry, he strategizes and advises celebrities, personalities, opinion leaders and influencers. Tom bridges the gap between artists and their talent with venues which offers leading ways to create distinctive energies and an atmosphere, making any hotel or venue a unique destination.