Tom Eulenberg, known as the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir or the owner of Drama Park Lane, has a vast area of expertise. There is, of course, no doubt about the versatility of Tom Eulenberg, people who know about Tom Eulenberg know what kind of shows he produces at Drama and the talent he introduces there. Eulenberg is not just involved in nightclubs, his area of expertise and involvement is in Nightclub development, the hotel hospitality, strategic marketing, franchise development, movie production too, public relations, also supporting and generating innovative start-ups.

Who is Tom Eulenberg?

Do you know? Not yet? We will tell you about him. Whenever the name of London comes, there is also a conversation about its nightlife and when the nightlife of London is the topic then the name of Tom Eulenberg does come up. Eulenberg did contribute a lot to the London nightlife scene. Known as the Ringmaster of Cirque le Soir and is also the Ringmaster of Drama. Has previously worked 14 years in business with many nightclubs and elite hotels. Worked in start with Whiskey Mist. Left for Cirque le Soir, became hit with world-class celebrities with his vast PR and is the Ringmaster of Cirque du Soir. Eulenberg didn’t stop there, got involved in a new project called Drama. It was with Ryan Bish and Nick House, famous with the Whiskey Mist, Cirque le Soir, Mahiki and many others.

Launched Drama in 2015, it became an A-list nightclub in just one year at its first anniversary in 2016.

tom eulenberg


Tom Eulenberg has won several international awards including the Up All-Night Award at The London Club & Bar Awards. Eulenberg is these days working on several new and innovative projects such as a new very exclusive nightclub in Dubai. Also, he is working on World tours around the world. This all is not just possible over-night and does not happen to everyone. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication, then in a period of time of this practice, you may bear the fruit. Success needs a lot of devotion and asks for the day and night efforts. If one is willing to give it, then one can achieve it. Tom Eulenberg often has been found co-hosting the most prestigious, international events in many international locations such as Munich, London, Dubai, Maldives and also, the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival.

Tom Eulenberg is also a consultant for many elite hotels and nightclubs. He is so good with creating an environment that just makes the guests fall in love with that particular place. Well, several 5-star hotels and many exclusive nightclubs have sought Tom Eulenberg as a key consultant. Just to make sure that an environment is constructed that well fits the place whether it’s a 5-star hotel or an exclusive nightclub.